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Thermal Transfer Ribbons & Ribbon Printing

Thermal transfer ribbons from Mark Park allow custom labels, graphics, designs and barcodes to be printed on various surfaces with a thermal transfer printer. Thermal printer ribbons are known for producing crisp and durable labels that withstand surface friction and can hold up to high heat and sunlight. Thermal transfer ribbons have been successfully printed in many colors on multiple surfaces including paper, film and foil. Mark Pack carries Wax Ribbons, Resin Wax Ribbons, Resin Ribbons and Colored Ribbons to ensure you have the right thermal transfer ribbon for your ribbon printing needs. Browse the thermal ribbon features below to learn more about each type of thermal printer ribbon.

Thermal Printer Ribbons Features:

Wax: Use this Resin enhanced wax ribbon for maximum performance on a wide range of coated paper and regular paper at an economical cost.
Wax Resin:
Slightly more expensive than Wax Ribbon, but it has a much higher level of scratch and rub resistance. The resin bonds with the substrate to secure the image to a broad range of labels, cartons and packaging. Our Wax Resin ribbons are great for use with polypropylene (BOPP) labels.
Resin: For use where high levels of scratch and chemical resistance is required. Our ribbons are ideal for pharmaceutical, medical & industrial products. Typical use of these ribbons are healthcare, retail tags, warehouse, logistics and with polyester labels.
Colored Ribbons:
Thermal transfer printing, the primary process used for bar coding, also delivers flexible, durable, high quality color tag and label printing on demand. Whether you’re adding color cues or printing small quantities, thermal transfer ribbons are an easy and economical way to add flair to any label. Let color relieve monotony of an all-black label and draw attention to your package.