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Case Sealers, utilizing Pressure Sensitive tape as the sealing mechanism, come in two basic configurations: Uniform Adjustable or Random Auto-Adjusting.
Uniform Adjustable machines are designed to process runs of cases in a "uniform" size. They are easily adjusted or set-up, to seal a single size carton for a continuous run. The most popular machines typically handle a carton size range of 4"-5" minimum Width and Height up to 20" maximum Width and Height and can run virtually unlimited Case Lengths due to the inherent flow-thru design.
Random Self-Adjusting case sealers utilize sensing devices to automatically adjust to a case size that is presented to it. Typically used in an application where random case sizes need to be sealed in succession, from small to large or anything in between, one after another.
Many options and accessories are available from simple pack assist box holding devices on up to fully-automatic flap folding devices and operatorless machines. By selecting the proper machine type with available options, you can tailor a machine to fit your particular application, environment and required production rate.