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Desiccants VCI - Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors

Desiccants, Desiccant Bags, Humidity Indicators & Oxygen Absorbers

Desiccants and moisture control products have a wide variety of applications in today’s industries. Computer components, car parts, food and pharmaceuticals must abide to strict humidity regulations when in storage or in transit. Desiccant packs are included in packaging to absorb moisture and maintain the integrity of the products inside. Mark Pack carries a wide array of desiccant packs intended to meet your moisture requirements. Silica desiccants are FDA approved for use in food and drug applications and we also sell cargo graded desiccants for moisture control in storage and shipping containers. Humidity indicator strips ensure the desiccants properly maintain moisture to an acceptable level and we also stock oxygen absorbers to remove oxygen from an environment where the element may cause color or taste changes.

Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors & Corrosion Protection Solutions

Mark Pack Inc. carries a full selection of volatile corrosion inhibitors and VCI products to protect metals from corrosion, rust and tarnishing. VCI chemical compound products are available in various constructions to effectively protect metal of all shapes and sizes from corrosion while in transit or storage. Volatile corrosion inhibitors emit a corrosion protection vapor that prevents the formation of rust and surface corrosion. Mark Pack is a proud distributor of Cortec volatile corrosion inhibitors that include VCI Emitters, Film Rolls, Gusseted Bags, Zip Lock Bags, Heat Sealable Bags and Kraft Paper Sheets and Rolls. VCI bags and VCI film can be used with desiccants as a long term solution to moisture and corrosion concerns.

With nearly 50 years experience in the industrial packaging industry, Mark Pack combines expert product knowledge with superior customer service. If you have questions on the best volatile corrosion inhibitors to use please contact us by email or phone.